Michigan, a northern State sprawled with industrial cities, rural farm lands and an impressive amount of forest, but one forest in particular has been hiding a secret for forty years, and unbeknown to him, Ben Shaw, quiet Parks & Forest Ranger is about to stumble upon it.

This discovery of severely decomposed corpses leads Ben to an old abandoned Military transport truck. Compelled by his duty and curiosity, Ben explores the truck to find an arsenal of old military weapons, equipment, and in one crate, a mysterious device; A device that springs to life with a click of a button, sending electromagnetic pulses, nearly killing Ben in the process.

But the true nature of the device is revealed, when Ben comes face to face with… himself… a clone! An evil clone with only one instinct… to kill.

Alone in the cold and the dark, Ben is faced by wave after wave of killer clones, as the machine seems to unpredictably continue building them, bringing a cold solemn truth to the saying… You can run, but you cant hide… From yourself!

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available on bluray & dvd

with bonus features:

- Behind the scenes

- Original unfinished director's cut


making of

mocumentory film:

“Catalyst to Chaos”

only available on disc